Sight Glass Spigot

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  • Allows instant reading of the water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey system
  • Available in three sizes based on the system you own:
    • 7.5″ – For Travel Berkey® and Big Berkey® systems
    • 10″ – For Royal Berkey® and Imperial Berkey® systems
    • 13″ – For Crown Berkey® system (includes sight glass brace)

  • The glass tube of the spigot can be easily cleaned with soap and water as needed
  • Includes two washers and a wingnut
  • All systems come standard with a basic spigot; the sight glass spigot is an upgrade purchase
  • Constructed of high-quality materials and made in the USA

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7.5" Sight Glass Spigot – Travel / Big, 10" Sight Glass Spigot – Royal / Imperial, 13" Sight Glass Spigot – Crown

14 reviews for Sight Glass Spigot

  1. Jeaneen Molock

    Works as stated by manufacturer. Has annoying physical-illusion after installation because it is never perfectly perpendicular to the tank, as it leans-into the tank at the top of the spigot, like the leaning tower of Pisa. Maybe I have it screwed in too tight? IT STILL WORKS as general indicator of water reservoir. Certainly better than having to lift the upper tank off to see what’s accumulated, especially as your filters age you get less volume, even if you clean your filters according to manufacturer’s specs. Did you know you’re supposed to clean those periodically? Read your product owner’s manual !!! Nothing beats a Berkey and I couldn’t do without this indicator since I’m a detail man. GET ONE YOU DESERVE IT.

  2. Antonia Jacks

    When I first received this spigot it appeared to work until the filter was filled up all the way- then the spigot leaked a lot. So basically, I can’t fully fill my filter without having a leak. The spigot also does not accurately tell me how much water is available. Sometimes it will, but most of the time it is inaccurate. I currently have the filter all the way filled up (with a bowl underneath to catch the leak) and it only registers that there is a little bit of water in it. Definitely disappointed in this product and would not recommend. If it worked correctly, it’d be great and better than the regular spigot.

  3. Jacob Jaminez

    Its better quality than the spigot that came with the berkey. Very happy with this purchase. Ive used a berkey for 8 years now without this spigot, wish i purchased this a long time ago! It hasn’t leaked and we haven’t had any other incident. I highly recommend!

  4. rose arlia

    Just received today for my Big Berkey. It’s great little spigot and wish I had ordered it from the beginning. Actually I agree with others that it should be standard equipment. The flow rate is great.

  5. Joan Cosentino

    Purchased this in March. It worked GREAT at first. No problems and we were able to see the water levels so we knew when to fill the Berkey. Now it’s June, about 90 days later. About a week or two ago it started leaking profusely. No matter what level of water was in the Berkey the spigot would leak and leak from the spout. I checked if anything came loose or dislodged and I don’t see any issues. I have no idea what happened, but I do know it should have lasted much longer than that. Thank God I kept the original spigot! Now it’s past the Amazon return policy and I’m left with a $40 paperweight.

  6. Cathy Scotland

    Just received today for my Big Berkey. It’s great little spigot and wish I had ordered it from the beginning. Actually I agree with others that it should be standard equipment. The flow rate is great.

  7. Matt Barber

    The sight glass is a big help. I have overflowed the Berkey twice now, but that is because I was not paying enough attention. I know that the sight glass has prevented many many overflows. It works great and was easy to install. We tried using the hardware that came with the Berkey and it’s spigot, but you really need to use the hardware that they send with it. (They actually knew what they were talking about! Go figure.:)

  8. Martin Foard

    Just received today for my Big Berkey. It’s great little spigot and wish I had ordered it from the beginning. Actually I agree with others that it should be standard equipment. The flow rate is great.

    For those having trouble with leaks. I found the thin washers provided a little lacking, so I used the washers from my original spigot. I rub a little olive oil on the outside washer. Do not tighten it so tight that the washer becomes out of shape. I find that tight enough is me holding the inside nut with my fingers and tighten that way.

    When checking for leaks after install fill your bottom holding tank all the way up so there is water pressure applied to the washers. I discovered this when I only put enough water in to cover the spigot on the inside. I thought everything was fine and had no leaks until I filled the entire holding container with a full 2 gallons of water, that’s when the leak appeared. Just tightened a little more and was good to go.

    I wish someone would produce one made entirely of stainless steel with no plastic. I would most definitely be the first to purchase one.
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  9. Claudia Foote

    This glass water level spigot takes the guess work out of re-filling your Travel or Big Berkey water systems. Easy to installed and works like a charm. 5 stars for the quality of the product and manufacture’s packaging. If this was OEM (with no box) Amazon’s sub-par shipping department would have destroyed it.

  10. Andrea Ecker

    Its better quality than the spigot that came with the berkey. Very happy with this purchase. Ive used a berkey for 8 years now without this spigot, wish i purchased this a long time ago! It hasn’t leaked and we haven’t had any other incident. I highly recommend!

  11. Steve Walters

    Bought this for our Big Berkey. This is a life saver and a mess preventer! Much easier to read the gauge to know the level of filtered water available rather than lifting the lid and peering into the top reservoir. We also marked the gauge at two points; the first point or lowest on the gauge reflects what level the water is at after filling the reservoir with one 1-gallon pitcher. Once that filtered through, then I added a second 1-gallon fill into the reservoir and marked the next point on the gauge to represent the higher point reflecting 2-gallons of filtered water ready to go. Takes a little time in the day to complete the markings but worth it in the long run to accurately know how much water to fill into the top reservoir and avoid overage in the bottom reservoir. Now anyone in the house can refill the Berkey accurately, using the gauge and water level markings.

  12. Amber Rechtorovic

    I remember that with the original spigot, flow was slow because it was so small. This is way bigger, even when it’s the size specified for your particular Berkey (mine is the Big one). There are fewer issues with leakage than with the original spigot. Just be sure not to tighten the nut too much or too far along the bolt, because the washer will get completely squeezed out of place. I guess if I could offer advice, I’d say once contact is made, tighten until you see the washer move and then unscrew a couple turns until it’s back to normal (you have to overtighten a bit in order to see what’s correct). Also, the internal thread of this spigot is much, much shorter than the original, which worried me at first, but once everything is in place, just don’t worry. The plastic is strong, and the sight glass itself is made of steel and glass, very good quality.

  13. jeanne hillson

    I actually purchased this for a different water system and it worked just as I wanted. very easy to see the waterline now without having to peek inside.

  14. Kurt Keffer

    I use the Berkey multiple times a day. Water is clean and almost sweet tasting. It was easy to put together and I have had no water leaks. I later added the water sight glass and I appreciate the convenience of not having to lift the top section of the Berkey to check on the water level. In addition to the humans, I use the water for house plants and my cat’s water! 🙂

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hello, Good day! Hope this email finds you well. We apologize for the late response as we encountered some system errors. We have tried to contact you several times via email but didn't get any response. Since the item was not available and in backorder, we have canceled your order. We can help you place a new order once the item becomes available.
  2. A I found it difficult too! I had to do trial & error, remembering that the end that goes TO the filter needs to be pushing air. You have to prime the bulb by allowing it to fill with water before the water can be pushed into the filter.
  3. A Since I use the site glass on a Big Berkey, I'm not sure but I doubt it.
  4. A Did not have this problem. Our son also did not have this problems. I recommend you contact Berkey. or where you bought it from.
  5. A While it may fit, it may not be the right size to purchase. You may need the 10" Version.
  6. A Are you sure it is leaking from where the sight glass inserts or if it is leaking from the top of the sight glass? I ask because I had this problem. Here is what I found with my Berkey and sight glass. There is a drainage hole located in the top of the sight glass. If the tank is too full it will overflow through this hole and it can look like your spout is leaking at the base but it isn't. What happens from time to time with my Berkey is that the spout seems to clog with particles either from my water or from particle that come out of the filter. I'm not sure which or both. When the flow clogs it appears like the tank is empty because of reduced flow so I fill the upper tank. But the bottom tank isn't empty and my filled tank above filters down and overflows the bottom tank. I clean out the tank and spout. Refill the tank and let it filter through and the spout is just fine. So if this is what is happening for you, which I suspect it is because the seal is a pretty simple design that should prevent any leakage, check to make sure the spout is clear and the tank isn't getting overfilled. I am still somewhat puzzled as to why the spout seems to plug up because I really don't find anything in it when I flush it. But I have found a few white particles in the bottom of the tank and assume these are some sort of residue from the filters or from my water. Good luck.
  7. A Don't know. I use my Berkey glass spigot on a Big Berkey water filter system.
  8. A YES! Here is how I did it. 1. Get a piece of white, light cardboard 7 inches long. 2. Cut a 1/4 inch wide strip of the cardboard. 3. Very carefully insert the strip into the slot on the backside of the sight glass, white side facing out. The water level in the glass will appear as a wide black spot. 4. You may want to use a piece of scotch tape in two or three places to insure that the strip does not fall off.
  9. A It sits on the outside
  10. A Yes, I have a British model and it works great.
  11. A Contact Berkey at 1 800 350 4170 and they should be able to assist you
  12. A I was going to say contact the seller, but as I can see a SELLER commented that the answer is NO!
  13. A I believe it is glass.
  14. A I bought the glass water level because Big Berkey sits on the counter and I didn't want to run out of purified water or cause the purified water to over flow. I couldn't check the water level in the lower chamber w/o taking off the upper chamber.
  15. A No. It is a passive filter system.
  16. A I tried the warranty thing. The merchant will tell you one thing and then game the system. No satisfaction there so try tightening the screw cap for the handle.
  17. A It is really glass. I have been using it with my Berkey and it is great.
  18. A I lived with the Berkey for a while without the sight glass but ultimately I purchased one. For me, being able to glance over and see when there is an actual need to add water just made things more smooth, with less action needed to keep the water flowing.
  19. A Never have had an issues with our spigot. Is the inside of your Berkey cleaned out from possible calcium deposit? Other than that don't know what else to prescribe. We have had our Berkey now for several months and have had no issues. Sorry....hope this helps. JM
  20. A Hi Kerry I haven't experienced any stagnant water taste from my Berkey. However, I have from time-to-time rinses my Berkey bottom tank with vinegar. Have you tried washing the tap rubber with vinegar
  21. A There isn't a locking mechanism. The spigot handle just pulls forward to pour.
  22. A No. Reverse Osmosis systems are a multi filter system requiring electricity to "push" untreated water through a membrane to remove all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, AND essential minerals. Leaves water without taste. More expensive RO systems have a final filter to try and add back some of the essential minerals that are lost in the first stage. The Berkey system relies on gravity to push the water through filters which also removes bactreia, viruses and heavy metals, but does not remove most of the essential minerals... which is a good thing. (The Berkey is similar to a lot of the leading backpacking filters on the market.) I'm a chiropractor and acupuncturist and am daily having to recommend supplements of essential minerals for patients as this is a common problem of not getting enough. I can't help but wonder if this is partially due in part to America's trend to drink bottled and RO water. Berkey can be used with tap water, rain water, as well as yucky pond water and does not require electricity. Both types of systems provide clean safe water. Hope this helps with your decision.
  23. A Yes it fit my alexapure pro perfect.
  24. A The spigot will overflow at the top, as the spigot needs air to work, and since the Royal Berkey bottom chamber is taller than the spigot, it will leak.
  25. A The upper tank empty is about 1 1/2 pounds. Full just add the weight of a couple of gallons of water if you hold them in your hands. The weight of the upper tank also differs between the different size Berkey you have bought. you are asking a question using the sight glass page. If you get a glass water level spigot, there is no need to lift the Berkey top to check. the Glass spigot gives you the water level. I have never overflowed my Berkey using my glass spigot. Just remember to get the right size glass spigot for the size Berkey you buy. there are 3 sizes of glass spigots, 7" 10" and 13" I hope this has helped you., and enjoy your new Berkey water, it is the best! One of the best perks from having a Berkey is no more buying and lugging water around!!
  26. A Did you take it apart to make sure that both ends of the glass tube are unobstructed? Mine works fine, but physics dictates that either the top or bottom of your tube must not be open because water will always seek its own level.
  27. A Yes, it does. The spigot itself is larger than the one that comes on the Berkey (so the water comes out faster which is nice) so it comes with it's own washers and nut. It's a worthwhile addition...
  28. A As others mentioned, the tube does not have any markings, but you can determine what is in the lower tank by looking at the water level in the tube. I purchased the smaller travel size Berkey, so in addition, I have a separate glass decanter with a spigot that I use to store my filtered drinking water in my kitchen. This allows me to make more water more often. I use a marked pitcher to refill the Berkey, so whatever amount of water I remove from the Berkey is what I put back in. Hope this helps.