2 Black Berkey and 2 PF-2 Fluoride Replacement Filters

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  • The Black Berkey® Purification Element formulation has been tested by State, and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53
  • Durability: Each Black Berkey® Element is designed to purify approximately 3,000 gallons of water before needing replacement; 2 elements in a Berkey system will purify approximately 6,000 gallons of water before replacement is recommended
  • Re-cleanable and self-sterilizing during the life of the element
  • Elements come with a 2-year, pro-rated warranty
  • PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters adsorb the following unwanted elements found in drinking water:
    • Fluoride: Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Fluorosilicic Acid (aka Hydrofluorosilic Acid)
    • Arsenic: V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III
    • Other residual heavy metal ions
  • Made from safe, non-leaching Polypropylene #5 that is BPA-free
  • PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic reduction Filters are designed to be used in conjunction with the Black Berkey Purification Elements only
  • Number of PF-2s in the bottom chamber must match the number of Black Berkey Purification Elements in the top chamber; for example, 4 Black Berkey Purification elements would require 4 PF-2 Filters
  • Set of 2 PF-2 Filters need replacement after 1000 gallons of use
  • The Berkey  PF-2™ Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Filters are covered under a six-month warranty.
  • Black Berkey® Elements- BB9-2 can only be purchased with RB4X2 or RB4X4

21 reviews for 2 Black Berkey and 2 PF-2 Fluoride Replacement Filters

  1. Sherrie Copeland

    Great service, price, product. I recommend everyone research their city’s water quality and read between the lines. Our city treats our water with chloride and clorimines as well as fluoride. Also our water report says nothing about filtering out pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, so I did some research and found the big Berkey. The lower filters only need replacing once a year,the uppers, every other year. Pricewise, these are less trouble than your pitcher water filter, they are cheaper, and they do a better job filtering the water.

  2. Melinda Hindman

    Good option for dealing with today’s toxic pharmaceutical, fluoride & chlorinated laden water issues. The black filters can be scrubbed with a Brillo pad to extend the life of the filters. No electric needed.
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  3. Dana Miller

    The convenience pack saves us a little money on our Berkey filters. But I still have to buy an extra set of fluoride filters to last as long as the black filters. It would be nice if there was a bundle with two black filters and four fluoride filters. Until that happens, these are great. I’ve not had any problems with the product or the shipping. I’ve purchased this bundle several times over the years.

  4. Maggi Cotney

    I have been using the Berkey Light water filtration system for five years now. This system delivers pure safe drinking water. Remember to always read the directions and prime your filters properly. Also, do not overly tighten the connector screw cap…follow the directions and enjoy pure clean safe drinking water. I am a Berkey customer for life.

  5. Stephanie Lewis

    The last order I received seemed to be of less quality. I have ordered before with no problem, but my last order of filters left the water tasting worse than my filtered water in my fridge. I flushed them as directed and how I have always done. I don’t know, but maybe this batch was from a different source. It sucks because this vendor and quality of product was good, until now.

  6. Oana von Ahn

    The filter priming step on this filter system is just terrible and unnecessarily difficult. If you have a newer style pull down spout, good luck. I basically drenched my self and kitchen trying to prime these filters and still they are not primed. For $25 Berkey sells a priming kit. This is absolutely ridiculous. The consumer shouldn’t have to spend more for something that you guys didn’t do your jobs designing correctly in the first place. At least make the rubber priming “button” a softer rubber.

  7. Boniface Nnakwe

    We have been using and replaving these for years. They last a very long time and in my opinion are gold standard filters! I like that we can filter oit chlorine, floride, heavy metals, bacterium and just about any other contaminant under the sun.

  8. Corina Trevino

    Good value, I’ve not tested my water to see how well the filters are working, but they are as described and seem to be functioning normally.

  9. Michelle Schneider

    We have very hard water. These filters remove heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride. Whenever an old water main breaks in our town, they chlorinate the water to protect from possible contamination. But before that reaches us, what possible “things” could I ingest? That is another plus for filtering the water! I do not want to be one of those who do get sick!

  10. Denise Schumacher

    Love my BIG BERKEY water filtering system. I have been using it for 3 years – 2 on city water and 1 year on well water. These filters last me a year and give me the comfort of knowing my water is clean.

  11. richard hlavacik

    We love our Big Black Berkey water filter. If you haven’t checked this filter out, you owe it to yourself and your family. It is simply the BEST!!!

  12. ijlaal hameed

    I ordered new filters in January and started using them as soon as I received them. I cleaned the filters last night and tried the red dye test…they no longer filter the red dye! I cleaned, primed, tightened, made sure everything was as it should be and no success. My filters only worked for 6 months! I’m going to order again because I need the filters. I’m hoping it was just a bad batch.

  13. Russ B

    It`s kinda weird reviewing a water filter replacement cartridge, because there`s not a whole lot to say. Been using the Berkey filter for 10 years and am very happy with it. Everyone needs a gravity water filter. When the grid goes down, you won`t need electricity for this thing to work. At any rate, one of the reviewers mentioned the silicon glue at the bottom of the black filter was visible and the carbon filter was actually coming apart from the base, hence the water was just pouring through unfiltered. This happened to me as well, from a pair I ordered a couple years ago. The Berkey company had a statement about this on their website- there was a batch that was constructed with bad glue. They apologized and sent out new filters to everyone who had purchased a bad pair within that time frame. It was a drag not to have filters for a couple of weeks, but worth it in the end.
    Great filter. Great company.

  14. Babui Kekwaletswe

    I purchased 3 additional sets of these filters to augment the 2 filters, which were included with our Berkey water filter. These filters are amazing. They effectively filter the water much faster than I had expected. It is nice to know these filters have removed the unwanted and unsafe substances from our drinking water. Plus, the water tastes great too. I recommend this product.

  15. Margaret Hilbourn

    They’re too expensive. And the filters keep clogging up and I have to take apart the Berkey, handwash the elements, reprime them and put them back in. Even so, they only work for a short time and then I have to do it again.

  16. scott dunkel

    I’ve been using my Berkey for over three years, and I absolutely LOVE it! However, when I recently ordered these replacement filters, and I installed them, following the directions to a tee, my water is now undrinkable! There is something wrong with these fluoride filters that is causing the water to taste terrible. I’m having to revert to bottled water in order to be able to drink. Very dissatisfied with these filters!

    UPDATE: I took out the fluoride filters, thinking that at least I’d have SOME drinking water. But even the black filters are making the water taste bad. Both sets of filters are flawed, and useless. This was a total waste of my money. I absolutely LOVE my Berkey, but with useless filters, it also becomes useless.

  17. charles washington

    Used the same Big Berkey for more than 8-years now and after cleaning the carbon filters a couple of times over a 2-year period when they get slow, I replace them with new ones. We get a lot more than 6,000 gallons out of these, and the good thing is, they will just stop up when they’re done so your water is safe.

    One thing I want to mention; these filters will fit a ProPur filter although there is only one hole for a filter. ProPur will fail food coloring test from day one unless you retrofit it with these.

  18. Margaret Mastrangelo

    I have a Berkey Light, and buy replacement filters every year. It was really cool to find these on Amazon, I got exactly what I needed and saved a decent amount.

    I first came across the Berkey filtration system while looking for something that would filter out the obscene amounts of chlorine in my tap water. Seriously, when i turned on the faucet I could smell the chlorine, not sure why the municipal water was so heavily chlorinated, but I knew I wasn’t drinking it. These filters work great and I’ve been using this system for 6 years.

  19. Camille Libby

    I love my Berkey!Ive been using the 2.5 gal w/fluoride filters for 10+ yrs now.Taste great smells like nothing and I can feel confident my water is clean.In the winter time when the water has more density it may take longer for the gravity filters to work.Just fill up containers and be prepared.

  20. Patricia Harris

    What’s not to like? The filters work like a champ! I stopped using my Berkey about a year ago, after years of use, and decided it was time to change to some fresh filters. This time, I decided to get the flouride filter as well. There was an initial problem with the stem on one of the filters, but the vendor quickly replaced it with a new one. EXCELLENT SERVICE. Once installed, the filters easily passed the red food coloring test, and the water tastes great!

    I was so impressed, I bought another set for the future. If Alex Jones is right, we are all in imminent trouble. Not from climate change, mind you, but from those heathen frogs. I can’t take any chances, since I haven’t invested in gold coins. I figure I’ll at least have clean water to trade.

  21. Julie Perez

    I just purchased this set of filters. All I can say is bravo.

    Previously, I used the Propur G2.0 filters. They were a little less expensive, didn’t need priming, and “did” the same thing. I became very unhappy with the Propur filters. They did not filter more than a gallon and a half per day. I called them to say the filters didn’t work and they immediately sent me new ones no questions. But even those were unreliable. So, sticking with them, I bought another set a year later because they had changed their design to tall white “candles”. But, those were very temperamental and took a “looooooong” time to start putting out water at a descent rate. If your asking, “why give them 3 chances?” I believed in what they did and who was selling the product.

    Flash forward to now. I ordered my Berkey’s, followed the online video instructions for proper priming, and BOOM instant functionality. While the priming process can be a bit of wet process it is very simple and straight forward. The only negative, was even after the 2 minute priming process, I still had to cycle the water 3 times before it ran clear. However, 3 cycles would equal about 6 gallons of water. That took these Berkey’s about 2 to 2.5 hours. It took the Propur’s a week to turn over that amount of water at the very beginning.

    They are as good as advertised so far. Time will tell on their dependability.

    The black filter cones need changing every 2 years. Which is awesome! Propur’s need changing every year. The flouride/ arsenic add ons should be changed annually, which is no big deal as they are only 30-40 bucks.

    If you are looking for a great product right out of that box that is built for longevity, Berkey filters are the way to go!

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How tall are the black ones . Looking to buy the black burky filters with the pf2 white combo for 137.50 and does not say how tall the black filter isBack to product
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  1. About a foot
    pts admin answered on 2018-11-02 13:12:32