Black Berkey Purification Elements Replacement Filters (Set of 2)

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Black Berkey Purification Elements may be called a Berkey water purifier because they remove not only bacteria and parasites but also viruses >99.999%.

The unique Black Berkey elements combine the age-old process of micro-porous filtration coupled with modern state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials to bring you the finest water purification system available anywhere.


The micro-pores within the cleanable Black Berkey purification elements are so small that pathogenic bacteria are simply not able to pass through them.


Facts on the Black Berkey Purification Elements:

  • A leader in gravity-fed water purification
  • Its formulation has been tested by State, and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53
  • Re-cleanable and self-sterilizing during the life of the element
  • Elements come with a 2-year, prorated warranty

This system comes standard with the following:

  • Two 9″ Black Berkey Purification Elements
  • 2 washers
  • 2 wing nuts
  • 1 priming button

No need for expensive disposable filters. Black Berkey purification elements are re-cleanable. This advanced technology was developed, refined, and proven through years of diligent, investigative research and testing performed by water purification specialists, researchers, and engineers.

The flow rate or time of exposure through the exclusive Black Berkey elements has been calculated to yield the greatest volume removal of toxic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria found in nature and caused by pollution from industry and agriculture.  It is excellent for everyday urban, rural and survival water purification. 

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Black Berkey Purification Elements

Doctors recommend people to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But this logical elucidation has no evidence or proof that this is true. Still, drinking water when we feel thirsty somehow rehydrates our body, especially during the summer season.

As time passes by, bottled water is preferred over natural water sources by most people worldwide. But not all bottled waters are safe to drink; there are some that are contaminated by dangerous disease-causing bacteria and unwanted chemicals.

When these contaminated water existed, products about purifying water also emerged like as our Berkey Water Filter and the heart of Berkey is the Black Berkey Water Filter Element.

What is Black Berkey Water Filter Element?

Black Berkey Water Element is a water purifier that removes 100% of pathogens and any unwanted toxins in the water. Each Berkey can carry or filter water up to approximately 3,000 gallons, and a set of 2 filters can purify water up to an incredible of approximately 6,000 gallons.

Because of the Black Berkey filters’ versatility, it fits off-brand gravity filtration systems and gravity water filters that can be raised to a purifier with less effort. This excellent value replacement filter massively develops other housing trademarks ability to eradicate unwanted water chemicals.

The innovative Berkey purifier elements are so powerful or dominant that they can eradicate food coloring from any source of water without eliminating any of the helpful minerals your physique needs.

18 reviews for Black Berkey Purification Elements Replacement Filters (Set of 2)


    We bought our Berkey in 2006 and never used it. We kept it for emergencies. When we moved to the PNW a year ago, we were on a well with high sulfur content – makes for NASTY HEADACHES (made it feel like our brains were swelling) especially when you are allergic to sulfur. We pulled out the Berkey and within 2 weeks were headache free after 2 months of suffering. The two filters that came with the Berkey had worked perfect, and we have added in 6 more (we have a family of 10, so lots of water needed). What I’ve found is we do get slime on the filters and you know it is building because the water filtration decreases. About every 6 weeks I take them out and clean them carefully, reassemble and the filtration works really well. We’re into year 2 with the same 8 filters, including the two from 2006, and no problems. I also figured out an easier way to prime the filters – use a small straw (looks like a cocktail straw) and place them into the filter and HOLD IT. Then use a 35 cc syringe without a needle, you can get these online or through a vet, feed store, etc. The straw goes into the chamber and as you push the syringe of water through the straw, the water level inside rises and releases air around the straw. Fastest, least messiest way to fill the chambers ever – works incredibly well and uses much less water to prime the filters with. The filters themselves work great – if it weren’t for the Berkey I would be in serious trouble with the crippling headaches I had from the water here. Berkey’s aren’t supposed to remove sulfur that much apparently, but they do, so I am really really happy with them. Not one single problem yet with the filters. I do have backup filters just in case, never know when we might need them, but hopefully we can keep using the ones we have for a while.

  2. Maria Vega

    Great product!! We’ve been using the Berkey system for a few years now and live the quality of water and taste that it provides. May seem a bit pricey but it is well worth the money. I recommend this item if you are hesitant about using tap water and the filters last a long time.

  3. Jeff Lancaster

    Great filters, my second pair in 2 years. I kept them clean and they did the job to the very end, I think they could of gone a little longer over 2 years but the bottom half was too clogged thus causing it to filter half as slow and all the cleaning in the world would not of helped it any. Still, 2 years that’s great! Ever wondered what’s inside? I did so I cut the old one open. It has a hallow interior the entire length of the filter measuring 1 inch in circumference with walls of 1/2 inch thickness.

  4. Gerald Brown

    Wish they made this things a little more robust. They always have a couple of chips out of them whenever I get a new set.

  5. Andrea Fuchs

    I love these black berkey filters and they last me each a couple of years. It makes our water clean and delicious to drink.

  6. Robert Hecht

    These are the worst filters, they are not filtering the water at all, already. Within just a couple days they would only filter half way.

  7. Amalia Vasiliou

    I am incredibly dissatisfied with the filters I recently purchased. I even paid for one day shipping. The filters repeatedly failed the red dye test. I tightened the (cheaply made) wing nuts, and still the filters failed the red dye test. So, I watched as it filtered, and the red water was coming directly out of the filter element, not from around the wingnut. I am going to order another set from a different seller and will update my review when it arrives.
    The wing nuts have always been poorly made and I do wish Berkey made better wing nuts for their filters.

  8. christina longo

    They seemed to work at first. now its 3 months later and they are not dripping, the water is streaming thru them so fast that I dont think they are filtering correctly. This can mean a life or death situation for me, and so I think its important that these work!
    I will not buy berkey filters on amazon again because there is only a 30 day return policy. I will be contacting berkey about replacing these filters. Now I have a sawyer filter from to filter my water thru just in case. Here in Hawai’i we have rat lung worm disease that can do worse then kill you, can make you paralyzed. So I must be sure that my filters are working. Its too bad that berkey is the best and yet alot of people seem to have problems with their filters.

  9. Raymond Jacinto

    Great filters. I got some ceramic ones that kept leaving little bits of carbon in my water, so I went back to these black filters and love them. I flush them once every couple of months or so and the water tastes great and flows very quickly

  10. Morris Cohen

    I hate how much these cost — why is it so hard for us all to have clean water to drink?!? Still, they are exactly as advertised. In fact, I would say they work even better than I thought they would. When these (eventually) wear out, I will certainly buy more. The Berkey filters are the best and, even though expensive, tend to last for a very long time with a cleaning every week or two.

  11. paul roberts

    My Mom and I love our Berkey water filters. When It was time to replace the fluoride filters I ordered one for mine system and one for my Mom. My filters primed with no problem and the water taste great. I have tried to primemy moms filters 3 times but they don’t bead at all and we’ve changed the water but it still taste like funny. Not sure if the black filters are the problem or we need to replace the white ceramic filters but there only a year old.


    We buy this alongside the fluoride filter. And the water tastes so much better than tap. Every now and then when the water filter is empty I have to use tap and the difference is huge.

    The time is takes to filter water is fast. We tried other filters and waited up to an hour for some! We have used Berkey products for a few years now and don’t plan on changing to something else.

  13. Lori Neal

    Berkey makes a great product. I’ve been using my Berkey water filtration system for 3 years and the water taste so good. Don’t know how I messed up my original filters but they stopped working and after much experimentation finally gave up and bought some new ones. The thing is that I fill the water container up almost daily so I can’t say that I didn’t get my money’s worth on the originals

  14. Karen Wolski

    If you have a loose wingnut you can fix it with plumbers (aka teflon) tape. I have four filters installed. After four years one got so loose that I couldn’t tighten it enough to stop it from occasionally leaking (directly passing unfiltered water). If your filters wobble a lot you can fix them with teflon tape by wrapping the tape around the threading and then tightening the wing nut . Teflon tape is rated safe for drinking water, is cheap, and fairly easy to use.

  15. Len-Ann Rutherford

    These filters are why I love my Berkey filtration system so much! I originally bought a Berkey because we lived where our well water was too high in fluoride and heavy metals (we used the white Berkey fluoride filters in conjunction with these black filters). Now we live off grid in the mountains and collect drinking water from a nearby stream. We always filter it through our Berkey first, to remove any unhealthy organisms or naturally-occurring heavy metal content, and it’s the best water I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t live anywhere without my Berkey now!

  16. Dina Tanga

    Berkey water purification systems are nothing short of outstanding. But, the hard packed charcoal filters must be either recharged (Berkey sells a kit for this), or replaced, periodically. I recommend the kit as it allows you to recharge the filters at a fraction of the cost of these replacement filters. But, if you are lazy, or your filters have been compromised, these genuine replacement filters are what you want. They are the same filters that come with the new Berkey system, and are simple to install.

  17. Alaina Spencer

    10/5/2017 I had built my own Berkey filter using two 4 gallon food grade Buckets. We started with the Ceramic filters water tasted Great for about 7 Months. Then it stated tasting Nasty. I already had these in my closet since I purchased them a few Month back. The Imperial Berkey filter is around 310 dollars. Two food grade buckets and the filter total was around 120 dollars. so it not as expensive to go this route. My family loves the water and I get the satisfaction of knowing the water is safe for them to drink. It a win win for us since everyone now drinks water in the house.

  18. Jennifer Pippin

    Bought my Big Berkey about a dozen years ago. The water tastes so much better than bottled or tap water. I take my Berkey filtered water with me, every where I go. I even take it into restaurants as I don’t know the quality of their water. The little city where I live does not put fluoride in the water, so I no longer purchase the PF-2 filters, but I don’t trust the water from other cities. I avoid fluoride at all costs, the best I can! 😉

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I've been filtering my tap water for 5yrs with these. How to tell when they need replaced?Back to product
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  1. We have a good guess on how much water we filter in a week with our Berkey; with that information we figured how long it would take to put 6,000 gallons through the filters. (2- 3,000 gal filers X 2 = 6,000 gal. That is the only way we know of on how to compute the usage.
    pts admin answered on 2018-11-01 19:44:09