Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

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  • Stainless steel spigot that fits all Berkey 304 stainless steel units
  • Includes two food grade silicone washers, stainless steel washers, and wingnut
  • May be purchased as a replacement to the standard spigot
  • *Not compatible with Berkey Sight Glass Spigot

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11 reviews for Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

  1. Michelle Hanks

    Compared to the plastic one that came with our dispenser this is a great product. We bought two glass serving dispensers, nozzle that came with those leaked on both. Doesn’t drip from nozzle or leak after turning nozzle off. This one does not have an auto off/spring like our plastic one did so be weary if a kid came along and opened the dispenser and took off.

  2. Pat Reilly

    Be SURE to both tighten these (hands only, no pliers!) AND to determine which way the handle is supposed to point for closed. I wasn’t careful – tea all over the cabinet and floor. Once I installed them properly, they worked like a charm. So much better than the plastic ones that came with the dispensers. By the way, I didn’t toss the old ones. I installed them in five-gallon plastic buckets with the handle turned slightly so my chickens can have a constant source of clean, clear water. They are smart enough to figure it out.

  3. Diana Gottlick

    This is a nice replacement spigot for a water urn. It in aesthetically and functionally a big upgrade over the stock plastic spigot. It is nice and substantial and well finished and polished stainless steel. No sharp edges or casting marks. The throw of the lever is smooth and it does not drip!

  4. Cassandra Johnson

    Awesome! Good flow…much better than the plastic ones that came with my nice dispensers!! Great quality.

  5. Antonio Leal

    Why don’t the manufacturers of all of these water dispensers use these spigots? You pay a crapload of money for these glass vessels and they put cheap chrome plated spigots on them that break after a few times.
    This spigot is amazingly solid for the price and definitely adds value to your glass water dispenser.

  6. Stephanie Beavers

    I had an old ceramic water dispenser with a plastic spout that was warn out and brittle. Before having a catastrophe, i decided to change out the spout with this guy.

    It was an easy swap as the new spout was almost the same as the old. The new one is made of metal and looks really nice, it also feels much more durable. The hardware included is good quality and the gasket seals create a leak proof seal.

  7. Bertha Odoms

    The original plastic (nylon?) spigot that came on my porcelain water dispenser was almost 10 years old. It still worked just fine, but at that age I was concerned it might fail creating a big mess in my kitchen. The flow rate was acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. So I came here to Amazon to find a new spigot. My first try was for a different stainless spigot, sold by the same company that sells this one that cost about $4 more. It was beautiful spigot and the valve was super smooth to operate. My only complaint was that the flow rate was a bit slow. If you were just filling a glass or water bottle it wouldn’t be a problem. But I keep a 1/2 gallon pitcher on my counter, so I wanted something with a good flow rate to fill it quickly. I returned the other spigot and got this one. It does not leak, the valve is smooth, and best of all the flow rate is just what I had hoped for. I can highly recommend this spigot.

  8. Diana Gottlick

    I agree with a previous poster that said ” it`s the best 10 dollars i`ve ever spent”. This is a very solid piece of metal hardware to replace the cheap black plastic spigot that I have used for a decade on my Berkey water filter. I wish I had known that there were other options available years ago. This spigot has a tight seal and the water flows out smoothly, quietly and superbly. To turn it off, the lever gets turned completely to the right. and best of all, there is not a single drip or dribble of water once in the shutoff position.


    I ordered two spigots to replace plastic/fake chrome spigots on beverage dispensers used for liquid laundry products. They are well made, the flow of liquid is great and they’re easy to install/replace. The quality of the product is excellent and very satisfied with the product. I use to dispense liquid laundry soap and it will fill 1/4 to 1/2 cup of soap in less in less than four seconds. Excellent product.

  10. Julie Evenson

    Bought as a replacement for the flimsy plastic beverage spigots that come on those cute beverage dispensers. Also bought a 2nd one for my Big Berkey.

    Have not tried on the Big Berke yet but I am sure it will fit.

    It is definitely a cut above the cheap plastic spigots you see on those glass beverage dispensers!

    I used some clear silicone caulk as extra protection from leaks.

    Highly recommend this product!

  11. Francisco Philibert

    I purchased this to replace the crappy very-narrow spigot on this beverage dispenser from Amazon: (fortunately I only paid $18.99 – I see it’s now being offered for $35.19 – YIKES!).

    I bought that dispenser for my kombucha brewing. But the spigot was so small it clogged way too easily with even tiny strands of yeast and barely produced a trickle if not clogged, which was a pain too. So, after reading the reviews for this spigot, and the fact it was stainless and that the flow rate was so high, I gave it a try.

    I’m very pleased I tried it and look forward to it lasting a very long time.

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