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Berkey Shower Filter Reduces Damage to Hair and Skin by Removing Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Heavy Metals, and Other Pollutants.

People with sensitive skin find some chemicals cause their skin to flare or itch. If any of this sounds familiar, we have the solution. A Berkey shower filter will solve these problems and do so quickly and easily.


Berkey shower filter is easy to install and is great for those who want the benefits of showering in filtered water. Simply screw this in between the shower pipe coming from your wall and your existing showerhead, and you’re good to go!

Berkey Shower Filter will typically last approximately 25,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first. Berkey Shower Filter contains a new and improved shower filtration media, which is most effective in reducing free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale and iron oxide (rust water).

Berkey Shower Filter process media works in a wide range of temperatures with a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beyond removing chlorine, Berkey shower filters remove many of the pollutants that can cause skin problems. With the removal of hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and other chemicals, dry skin and damaging effects on hair and scalp dryness are gone.

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Features of Berkey Water Filter Systems:

  • BPA Free
  • Effective for both hot and cold water.
  • Lasts approximately 25,000 gallons, or one year whichever comes first
  • Reduces up to 95% of chlorine
  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation
  • Reduces 98% of water-soluble heavy metals
  • Reduces damage to hair and skin
  • Eliminates foul tastes, dirt, and odors
  • Back Flush attachment to prevent premature clogging
  • Reduces lime, scale, mold, and fungi in showers
  • Available with massage shower filter head already installed
  • Removes most microorganisms
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide
  • “Full Flow” filter ensures even distribution of water throughout the media
  • Easy installation of a replaceable cartridge with self-sealing threads

As you can see, the Berkey is far more than just a chlorine shower filter. Despite this, it is priced at about the same level as other filters, which remove far fewer contaminants.

15 reviews for Berkey Shower Filter Replacement

  1. Teresa Sonifrank

    Installed for less than 6 months, and both shower heads are cracking where they surround the ball joint which allows the head to be adjustable. One fell completely off, the other is leaking badly. Replacing the head fixes the problem, but for the price of these, they should last more than 6 months

  2. Alimata Kone

    I’m as serious as I can be when I tell anyone reading this that this is clearly one of the absolute best purchases I’ve made in recent memory.
    The quality of this particular product is amazing. With varying water quality levels everywhere in the U.S. it’s a must. I did my research online to first find the highest quality water filter available. This be it! And Amazon’s price is also the price to beat. A++

  3. Patti Milius

    Love this product. I got one for me and one for my daughter. Doing a heavy metal detox, and this product removes most of the heavy metals in the water. I use the Berkey regular filter also 😉

  4. Nancy Cid

    We take this travelling with us, so it serves its purpose. This massager head/filter combo was cheaper than purchasing just the filter, so we purchased this…even if sometimes we don’t use the massage head. They are easy to separate from each other.

  5. Sam Zuchero

    I ordered this on the advise of my sister-in-law and it has really made a difference for me. We have city water but could always smell chlorine in the shower. With this filter there is no chlorine smell and my skin is more moisturized and my hair is shinier. I would recommend this filter.

  6. Crystal Barkhahn

    If your shower pipe is really high on the wall, you MIGHT be able to stand under this thing without bending your knees. I am 5″4″ and I cannot get under it without using my shower chair. I am not impressed with the filtering capabilities, the water is not much better with it than without it…and it certainly will not last for 12 months. My shower now runs hot and cold, and it did not do that before installing this filter. I had another brand before this one and did not have that problem. I do not recommend it to anyone. With a brand name like Berkey, this product is a huge disappointment. All I can say on the positive side is, good seller and fast shipping.

  7. Linda Posey

    Immediately noticed an air quality improvement when showering. I used to have difficulty breathing sometimes during showering. I suspected it was due to the chlorine/chloramine in the water. Those problems have subsided since installing this filter. There is no chlorine smell in the air either. I am very pleased!

  8. Jennifer Ray

    I’m chemically sensitive and staying with my sister near Seattle. Thankfully the water here doesn’t have chloramines, which are harder to remove. The shower here was giving me headaches due to the chlorine. This filter reduced the chlorine dramatically. No more feeling ill after a shower. We are using it in a shower with poor water pressure and it doesn’t seem to have reduced pressure at all. Super satisfied.

  9. Destin Moran

    Really great product. I can really tell the difference in the water quality after installing this filter. There no longer is a chlorine smell and the water feels a lot more fresh. I’ve also noticed that hair dye lasts longer with this shower filter in place (I assume that the lack of chlorine present in the water contributes to this). In addition, hair feels a lot softer than before thanks to this filter. I’ve recommended this to friends & family as I believe that it does make a huge difference. I also own the Berkey Water Filter & love it as well!

  10. Daniel Hitt

    We love Berkey products! Had to macgyver this one a little, because the shower head was suddenly too top heavy for it to stay in place with the added weight of the filter. Just took a good bit of hemp string to keep it from falling over though.

  11. Joy Volpi

    This filter literally changed my life. If you are frustrated with cruddy tap water in Los Angeles or any other place with hard tap water, this filter is a miracle worker in filtering out not just chlorine, but hard tap water as well.

    I recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, and while it might sound like an exaggeration, the hard Los Angeles tap water made my hair dull and crispy, and left my scalp dry and itchy. This was a totally foreign experience for someone who was used to soft, shiny hair after a shower with New York tap water.

    The tap in my Los Angeles apartment naturally has very hard water, which means that there are minerals that are dissolved into it that make it basic (have a low PH). I learned from doing some online research that low-PH water for some reason makes it difficult for soaps and shampoos to clean and rinse effectively, so my dry hair and itchy scalp were caused by a residue of shampoo that was never getting rinsed off.

    I am so grateful for this filter. I feel like a human again! By the second shower I took with the filter installed, my hair felt like it was back to New York tap water hair.

  12. Susan Mazzo

    I love this because I know it is working!!! I use to notice a chlorine smell when I took a shower and as you know chlorine fumes are not good to breathe and chlorine can dry your skin out! After installing this I cannot smell anything at all when I take a shower and feel like my skin and hair are softer. I trust Berkey and own a Berkey water filter as well for my drinking water. Also, my shower stays cleaner longer! It was easy to install between the wall pipe and the shower head and does not have a negative effect in my water pressure.
    See photo…

  13. laura robertson

    Our city (Romeoville) has loads of added chlorine in our water. If you need filtration of chlorine from your shower or sink, this works great! Our daughter gets hives from chlorine. This unit allows her to shower at home. It still allows some chlorine to get through but she can shower twice a week now. If you need something more than this, it is going to be a whole-house carbon filtration system with water softener. Thankfully, we just had one of those installed so we won’t have to continue to buy these a few times a year. We were very thankful for this little gem. It made our daughter’s life nicer.

  14. Emily Olivas

    This filter works great. I saw a few reviews saying that it did not work. Than i saw one person’s pics they posted and it was installed upside down.. then he have it one start review.. some people are really just clueless. Read some directions first. Or contact the company to make sure you have it installed correctly before you go and bad mouth a product.. this filter has always worked great for me with no issues at all.

  15. Mark Sorbero

    I recently moved to a condo in Arlington. Within a few days of moving in, I noticed that my hair seemed especially dry and porous, no matter what expensive conditioner I used on it. I also noticed that my skin became itchy after showering. I also noticed an intermittent sulfurish or chlorine-ish smell coming from the faucets. I mentioned these things to a neighbor and she said that water in the area is very hard–so hard that you can see sediment in water glasses. After conducting some online research, I determined that my sudden hair and skin problems could probably be attributed to the effects of hard water and that the only solutions were to buy a shower filter or water conditioning system. Since I live in a condo, I could only try a shower filter and this one by Berkey was highly recommended by the same neighbor. After just one wash, I could see the difference in my hair–it became soft once again. After a few days, it was nearly back to its previous condition. My house guest also immediately noticed a difference and she has virgin, untreated, healthy hair–unlike me! If you have hard water and you’ve noticed a negative impact on hair/skin, I strongly recommend trying this filter. You will notice a difference. If you bleach, dye or otherwise chemically treat your hair and you have hard water, then you definitely need a filter like this one to remove chlorine–chlorine strips healthy hair and it really damages chemically treated hair.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Ours did not clog. We have pushed ours to a little over a year in the past and no clogs or lack of flow. We've replaced ours three times over the past 4 years. I've read some places that say replace every six months and some that say a year. I replace when I can afford to.
  2. A I don’t know the metals but it really helped me with the chlorine smell.
  3. A Chloramine is very different from Chlorine. I believe this filter has very little affect on Chloramine; it does, however,filter Chlorine.
  4. A According to the Berkey instruction manual for the KDSF shower filter: SHOWER HEAD FLOW SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2.5 GPM AT 60 PSI, TO DO SO WILL REDUCE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE BERKEY SHOWER FILTER. NOTICE OF LIMITATIONS: The Shower Berkey Shower Filter is designed for potable water systems only. Do not allow to freeze, or use with water over 110 F (43 C) temperature. Maximum water pressure should not exceed 100 psi. Do not use in high iron content water systems that use chemicals. Hopefully this will help.
  5. A According to Berkey, the shower filter canister is made of ABS food grade plastic, which should not have any BPAs in it. Hope that helps!
  6. A It's pretty durable. It's certainly strong enough to do the job, no issues with it. For what it's worth and the brand it is, I continue replacing the filters for the benefits. Best shower filter out there.
  8. A As long as you attached the filter properly it will not matter if you hold the handheld facing up, down or otherwise. The force of the water will keep the filter elements in place.
  9. A If you have an adapter that will switch it, then it may work.
  10. A The shower filter is made to remove free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron and iron oxide from the shower environment.
  11. A Hello. The manufacturer New Millennium Concepts Ltd doesn't have a bath filter in its product lineup. There is something from others that hang on the faucet. We can't speak to how well they work. Hope this helps!
  12. A We hadn't noticed the lack of branding, but we've been using the filter and it has definitely taken care of the bacteria we had in our water here in the Dominican Republic.
  13. A This filter does not remove minerals, a TDS monitor does not test for chlorine removal, so it is not a test that should be used for this filter.
  14. A How long have you had it? It may be that your water source has other issues. I have this filter and it performs great. No problems, no odors. Call the manufacturer.
  15. A That definitely is a discrepancy. I've had mine just about a year so I do not have the packaging. I think this company has a web site so that might help. Sorry I couldn't give definitive answer.
  16. A It depends on if you love your existing showerhead. We bought a handheld showerhead that we love and will not give it up.
  17. A Yes! With sketch of shower head / filter below title. Three panels of print on white paper.
  18. A It was highly recommended to us we live in Flint Michigan it work great for filtering out lead.
  19. A Yes Tracy it will fit any shower. Plus it comes w/ an adapter if your shower nozzle from the water pipe is larger.
  20. A These filters are good for a year or more. I reverse flush mine on the first of every month. The recommendation is every 2 months. You can test your water for chlorine just by buying some very cheap test strips from Lowes or Home Depot. Pool test kits work very well and cost around 20$. Amazon has litmus test strips very easy to use and cost around $8 for 25 tests. Using the reverse flush feature on these filters along with the test strips once a month or so, you can get up to 3 years usage out of one of these filters.
  21. A An adapter comes with it. There should be instructions on how to do it.
  22. A No, it does not but it removes chlorine, the chemical they also put in swimming pools. To remove fluoride, one needs a reverse osmosis water system which uses lots and lots of water (forgot ratio but something like 4 quarts to get 1 quart fluoride clear water). Fluoride has few proven benefits (contrary to what they want us to believe) and actually may contribute to thinning bones, etc. so it's a shame it's so hard to get rid of. Hope this helps.
  23. A When backflushing let the water run through for several minutes.
  24. A Have you considered a metabolic cause to your symptoms? Chlorine reduction can be helpful with some skin issues but it's certainly not a cure all for every issue.
  25. A That depends on your height, the height of your current shower spout and if your shower head rotates. The tallest person that uses our shower is 6 ft tall and doesn't have an issue. The attachment will add about 3-4 inches to your current spout.
  26. A Hi, sorry to hear you are not having luck with your Berkey filter. Mine worked right away out of the box and I definitely noticed the chlorine smell was gone from my water. It helped my hair a little but nothing drastic but I really didn't have much of a problem with that. Hope that helps.
  27. A After installation, it adds about 5 inches to the shower head. Mine is angled, so I stand back, and not right under it. Well worth filtering out the junk our cities put in our water. My shower curtain stays much cleaner, for about 4 months with 2 of us showering twice daily...hope this helps.
  28. A It removes chlorine which dries the skin so it feels like the water has been conditioned in some way. It's just the absence of chlorine. Softer skin with lessened or no dryness and itching. Recommended it to a friend recently. She's elderly, has thin dry skin. She too is a convert. Wonderful product.
  29. A Yes I have purchased this filter twice and once it actually came with a small amount of plummers tape in the box
  30. A No I have not had a problem with that as a matter of fact I have had no problems of any kind and I've had this over a year now!
  31. A Recommended you change it every six months. So if you buy 2 for each bathroom, you're set for the year. :)
  32. A Absolutely does not filter out chloramine and in my opinion recently doesn't filter chlorine either.....although that might be due to the underground aquifer in florida being contaminated by local water companies dumping chloramine into the aquifer and lying to the public....I use chlorplus 10 filters with a hydroponix casing ....I also have the kdsf as a sediment filter that I put on first to allow my chlorplud 10 to last longer
  33. A From my research I learned it does not filter out the majority of fluoride. But int he shower, fluoride does not enter your body because it does not "steam" like chlorine does. If you boil water containing fluoride, the fluoride does not boil out, it justs concentrates in the liquid remaining. Therefore it does not change it's form from a solid to a gas, or in this case, steam. Chorines on the other hand, does. This filter will eliminate the chlorine and other contaminates. Contact your water department to see if they add chlorimines. Chloraminated vapor from showers, baths, hot tubs, dishwashers, and other household appliances contains volatilized chemicals that can be inhaled and cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Chloramine damages mucous membranes. The lung damage in those exposed to chloramine in indoor pool air is similar to that seen in regular smokers. An increase in asthma due to exposure from chloramine in indoor swimming pool areas was shown in a Belgium study from the Catholic University of Louvain so find out if they are putting this dangerous toxic chemical in your water. For more info go to
  34. A This item is a replaceable shower filter, NOT a shower head. Thus, you will buy a new one of these filters every time you want to replace it. They recommend replacing it about once a year.
  35. A Yeah, you should be able to do that. You'll attach the filter first and then the handheld off the other side of the filter. Unless it weighs too much or something, you should be fine. It's just will extend it out another 6" or so.
  36. A Of course you can drink this water. It probably doesn’t remove 100% as much of what the berkey carbon filters do, but it’s definitly better than straight tap water.
  37. A China. If it isn't clearly stated otherwise the answer is always China.