Berkey Fluoride and Arsenic Removal Water Filter PF-2 (Set of 2)

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Berkey fluoride water filter PF-2 reduction elements are specially designed for use in conjunction with the Black Berkey water filters to adsorb the following unwanted elements found in drinking water.

  • Fluoride: Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Fluorosilicic Acid (aka Hydrofluorosilicic Acid)
  • Arsenic: V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III
  • Other residual heavy metal ions

The number of PF-2’s must always correspond with the number of Black Berkey filters installed in the upper chamber. For example, 4 Black Berkey (2 sets of 2) would require 4 PF-2s (2 sets of 2), and so on.

  • The PF-2 shell is made from safe, non-leaching Polypropylene #5, this is a BPA-Free plastic and is used for food containers such as ketchup bottles and yogurt containers.
  • PF-2 filters reduce filtration flow rate by 15-20%.
  • Do not boil the PF-2 filters.

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The Berkey PF2 Fluoride Water Filter

Water is very important to our health. But sometimes the water that we drink contains unwanted and harmful chemicals. Some of these are made up of components such as fluoride and arsenic. But the Berkey Fluoride PF2 Water Filter can remove these components.

The Proprietary Fluoride Reduction Media PF2 will remove any types of inorganic fluoride salts. All fluoride salts are soluble in water. So it does not matter what fluoride salts that are in the water, fluoride is present as an anion where the media will absorb fluoride ions in water.

This media has an unusually high surface area of more than 350 sq.m./gram of material which allows more efficient removal of the Fluoride and arsenic ions. This high surface area is enhanced by the controlled development of the pore size distribution from 30Angstroms to 100Angstroms, providing greater accessibility to the surface active sites through bulk diffusion.

Here is some information on what it is, what it does, precautionary measures and how it removes fluoride, arsenic and other unwanted contaminating chemicals in your drinking water.

Berkey Fluoride Removal Water Filter PF2

The Berkey PF2 Fluoride Water Filter can be augmented to the Black Berkey Water Elements to eliminate impurities like arsenic, MTBE, fluoride and other heavy metals.

When strung directly onto the Black Berkey Water Filters, the elements of the fluoride will decrease effectively to take control of the besieged risky impurities in your drinking water. The fluoride water filter is compatible with All Full-Size Berkey Water Filter Systems and works as a post filter to the Black Berkey Water Filter.

15 reviews for Berkey Fluoride and Arsenic Removal Water Filter PF-2 (Set of 2)

  1. Marsha Rodan

    The chlorine smell is almost as bad as if there were no filters at all. $50.00 for 2 filters that are not doing the job. Even drinking coffee after filtering the water you can tell the difference between truly filtered water (filtering chlorine) vs these filters not filtering the chlorine. I used a deer park water vs this water after filtering with your filters. The smell of chlorine was very prominent from after filtering vs the deer park. Very disappointed.

  2. Patricia Logsdon

    It’s amazing the difference after changing to new filters. I love the water from our Berkey again!

  3. Carol Wilder Tamme

    We’ve had our Berkey for over a year. The fluoride filters are the main reason we purchased a Berkey. They are only good for six months. I tested my water twice to verify this. Our water comes from a well and is naturally fluoridated at about .9 ppm (parts per million). I tested a filter by purchasing a kit through 3M (about $20) after seven months of use and the water tested at 0.79 ppm. I replaced the filter and tested after about a month and the water came back to 0.06 ppm. Hardly any fluoride! I am curious to test my water again at the five month mark but not sure I want to spend an additional $20. I think I will just stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation of changing out ever six months. Overall, this is the way to go if you want to remove fluoride from your drinking water.

    After seeing multiple reviews state that their water tested so high for fluoride I would be curious to ask when they tested their water. They might have misunderstood the directions and be using their filters after six months. The black filters can be used indefinitely, but the fluoride filters lose effectiveness after six months of use. Another possibility is the ph of their tap water. I think the ph of your water can affect the effectiveness. I am not a scientist but have read that the filters work better with slightly acidic water (pH range of 5.5 – 6.5 and generally don’t work well if the water is neutral (pH = 7) or more alkaline (higher pH). So if you want to be sure that your filter will work to filter out fluoride you could test the ph of your tap water first.

  4. Barbara Friedrichsen

    I can not even smell tap water after using a Berkey for over a year now. I feel generally healthier and use Berkey water for drinking, making tea/coffee and filling the water bladder up before hikes. Please note, I incorrectly ordered the PF-4 size now knowing they come in different sizes so make sure you order the correct size (though I have to say, Amazon’s return process was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE with no hassles). There is one thing I’m curious about… both this order (and the incorrect order) had only ONE of the gray washers in the package. It seems like there should have been two since you are replacing both filters.

  5. jauan massie

    These filter quickly in our Imperial Berkey. We use 4 black filters and 4 PF2s. I think that there is a very noticeable taste difference with these over just using the black filters. Our water doesn’t taste hard or metallic. We fill the 4+ gallon Berkey at least 3 times daily so we’ll see how long they last…so far so good.

  6. Joyce Meyer

    We have been using our Berkey system for over a year now (it replaced the PUR). This is the BEST product out there. It is cost-effective and reduces chemicals better than any other. We recently added the fluoride filters and wish we had done this sooner. Ingested fluoride is a neuro-toxin and should not be in our water supply.

  7. Gin Keating

    We love these filters. Water tastes so much better after is comes out of our Berkey!

    We tried other filters and some took FOR EVER to go through. But our Berkey takes not much time for water to come out clean.

  8. Jimmy Reel

    The Berkey PF-2 filter is a great secondary filter that not only removes harmful heavy metals that may be in your municipal water source.
    Arsenic and Fluoride are the two reasons I have this filter and I can say that after testing it removes them to an incredibly low level.
    It also makes the water taste great!

  9. Arthur Clarke

    This consumable will normally last about 1 year of regular use. Tells you how much flouride there is in our water to begin with

    In Singapore where the flouride content is high, this is an absolute addition to the Berkey black filters we use. The water comes out tasting soft instead of hard (is there even such a term).

    We don’t even need to boil our water everyday. The result, just good, quick and clean tasting water for the family everyday.

  10. Caren Jacobsen

    Our arsenic levels went from 10 times the allowable EPA standard to almost immeasurable! Don’t let anyone tell you that the Berkey Black filters alone will remove well-water arsenic. You need these.
    The only pain-in-the-butt thing about these is the prepping once they arrive. Just follow the instructions to the letter, and toss the first few gallons and they work just fine.

  11. Barney Groves

    Really really wanted to like these filters. But sadly I was not able to flush out the white powder after almost AN HOUR under the faucet. Not exactly easy to do this. For the kind of money that is being charged they should come pre-flushed! Love the berkey with the black elements. Although this would have been a great addition, cannot recommend buying it.

  12. Kevin Mooney

    I am on my second set of filters. These are great! If you are impatient and do not flush them long enough you will have an oily residue in the water and have to keep dumping batches until that clears, which is what I did the first time I got these. This last time I really took some time to flush the filters and I didn’t have that problem. No matter what, these give you the best tasting water in my opinion. I think they are a great value and highly recommend them.

  13. Debbie Cassidy

    Love these filters! One thing that I will give a heads up on is that you need to prime them really really (really) well or else your water will have a slightly off taste for a while until all the loose powder is worked through. Once it is primed well, the filters do an excellent job of taking the fluoride out. I have not done any formal testing of our filtered water other than with my own taste buds but Im really sensitive to tastes and pick up on nothing in the filtered water now.

  14. Stacey Phillips

    Berkey “fluoride filters” for the black to go with the Black Berkey, work as advertised. They need priming before use to flush out the powder residue in the filter. I have found this takes many flushes before the water runs clear, so I leave them by the sink for a few days and flush them every time I wash something. And finally a word of warning don’t buy the PF-4 filters by mistake, they only work with the ceramic Berkey filters (yes I did this – but only once :-).

  15. Jackie Nall

    So glad to have a cost effective way to remove fluoride from our town water. They work very well and are easy to use and replace. Charging the filter is always a challenge for me as I don’t have a faucet that works so I have to just let time and gravity do the work to flow water through the filter until it you get clear water.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A I was told that it isn't by, a customer service representative at Conscious Water, Canada. He said that the black berkey also filters arsenic and if there isn't fluoride in the water, there is only the marginal advantage of removing a minuscule amount of heavy metals that the black berkey lets through.
  2. A The manufacturer states that they are good for 1000 gallons per pair. Time-wise, they can last for one year if you do not use more than 1000 gallons within a year.
  3. A Well, hard to say, what I know is that it depends on the amount of water filtered and if I am correct it is possible to find out how long one can keep such filter by evaluating ones own consumption, there are indications about that on the web on any berkey site..but this is just a guess. cheers.