Berkey Base Stainless Steel Stand with Rubberized Non-skid Feet

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  • The Berkey Systems Stand adds design and function to your stainless steel Berkey system.
  • Each polished stainless steel wire stand is 5” tall and allows you to easily fit a glass or cup under the spigot.
  • The feet are made of a non-marking, non-marring rubber that is bonded to the stand for added durability and stability.
  • The stands are available in 4 sizes, designed to fit each Berkey stainless steel system.

Another wonderful accessory of Berkey is this Stainless Steel Stand. Some users of Berkey Water Filter has a difficulty of using it without a stand because they need to put it in the edge to get the water.

With this Berkey Water Filter Stand, it will not be a problem on where to place it. You can put it absolutely anywhere in your house or even outside if you decide to bring it where you are.

The Berkey water filter stand adds style and functionality to your water setup. It has rubberized feet that are made of a non-marking, non-marring rubber that is bonded to the stand for extra durability and stability.

The Berkey Water Filter stands are 5” tall, allowing you to easily fit a cup or mug beneath the spigot. Compared to other stands, this one doesn’t mark your sink. Over time, it does not get rusty.

Many people who have bought Berkey Stand has superb experience with it. It made their drinking experience easier because cups or glasses just fit in under the water filter.  The height is just right for standard use.

We definitely recommend having this accessory with your system. 



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Base Stand

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14 reviews for Berkey Base Stainless Steel Stand with Rubberized Non-skid Feet

  1. Gumm Penny

    The quality is very good. If you have a spout on the Berkey (as I do) it easily accommodates cups and tall glasses for easy pouring. However it is not tall enough to fit a tall water bottle or pitcher which is mostly how I use it. So good recommendation for shorter containers (glasses, cups), will not work for taller ones (pitchers and water bottles). Wish they had a taller option. I ended up getting a plant stand which makes it very tall but I works.

  2. Rosa Ortiz

    News flash to Berkey….Please make tall enough to fit a standard 9-10 inch cup underneath. a little taller and even more expensive and you have a hit. Don’t worry about the cost most people that spend around $300 for a water filter can and will pay a little more for a stand.

  3. Kristen williams

    Love it, just what I been looking for. Didn’t even know Berkey made these, until I ran across them here. So glad I did. Lifted the unit up, to just the right height! A little pricey I think, but it fit the bill just fine! Gives the whole unit a completed look!

  4. Cora Nieuwenhuis

    This makes life so much easier. Can’t believe I’ve had my Berkey for a year now and haven’t had this. It is strong and durable too, I was worried it would be a bit flimsy.

  5. Holly McPherson

    I purchased the Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Stand for my Berkley Water Filter System.
    It is sturdy and has a rubber non-skid coating on each leg of the unit.
    The stand raises the level of the unit in order to fit a pitcher under the spigot.

  6. Stephen Burgess

    I delayed buying this because it was an extra expense to the Berkey system that I didn’t “need” – but I wish I hadn’t waited! It makes it sooo much more convenient to use. Now I don’t have to hold my glass, measuring cup, or whatever there while I wait to fill it, which is a pain especially when the water pressure is low because I haven’t filled it.
    I got the sight glass spigot at the same time. Now, the Berkey is at eye level, so I can easily see how much I need to fill it as well.

  7. Pamela Drapeau

    This makes life so much easier! I have this on the upper ledge of our counter and now I can fit a large pot under it and my 2.5 gal water container for the fridge (for cold water storage) and my husband’s 1 gallon container he brings to work every day. Makes filling everything so MUCH easier. I wish I had bought this months ago when I first got the Berkey.

  8. Vera Sokolova

    This little stand raises my Big Berkey off the counter, so it is much easier to dispense water. Before I had this, I pushed the Berkey to the edge of the counter and held a glass next to the counter to dispense water. Now I can have the Berkey back out of the way and still be able to use it. It fits the base of the Big Berkey perfectly. I would like to see one of these with long legs for the floor, to get it off the counter completely. Very nice product. I’m glad I got it.

  9. uradee williams

    This was so helpful with our Berkey filter. We originally had our filter near the edge of our counter top to allow larger cups to fit under the spigot. Sitting that was definitely not aesthetically pleasing. This has helped us tremendously. It keeps us from having to move the Berkey to clean under it and allows all of our large cups to fit under it comfortably. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is using a Berkey filter.

  10. Jane Imondi

    Great stand, have our Berky sitting on it on the edge of the counter by the sink. Keeps it elevated off your space so you can clean under it and makes it easier to get your glass under the spout. Must have if you have the Berky.

  11. Sue Stevenson

    I wish this was available in different heights within the same diameter. With this stand, my Berkey can’t live under my counters and so, I had to move around quite a few things in the kitchen for just an inch or so over the height limit.

  12. Maria Chavez

    PERFECT solution to our problem. We bought the Berkey years ago, and replaced the filters as needed. We always struggled with where to place the filter, but finally ran across these stands. Woof! Even the wife is now “happy” with the large water filter on the kitchen counter.

  13. James Bilka

    I bought this stand to go with my new Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filter System. It’s a nice compliment to the system and is very sturdy

  14. Asad Al-Naqeeb

    I’m glad I purchased this for my Big Berkey system. Works as designed.

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  1. I bought a vinyl coated wire plant stand to put my Big Berkey on. I'm able to fill a 1 gallon pitcher with no problems. It's much more convenient to fill a pitcher instead of small containers. Not only that, the plant stand cost a lot less than the $34 Berkey stand. I think I paid @ $4.99 for it at a discount store.
    pts admin answered on 2018-10-31 11:20:09